Al Garden Center is your destination for high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories. Visit Al’s to find the area’s largest selection of outdoor containers, fountains, patio umbrellas, cushions, décor and more!

As the sun comes out and the weather warms, the lure of the outdoors becomes too tempting to resist. Entertaining friends on the deck or relaxing in the yard, alone with a good book, we find our outdoor spaces becomes an extension of our indoor living space.

The warmer weather is upon us – time to fire up the barbeque for months of outdoor cooking! No longer reserved only for weekends, grilling has become a popular method of cooking for many of us all year-round. The wonderful, mouthwatering flavors from cooking over an open flame, along with no fuss clean-up, and the health benefits make grilling an attractive alternative to slaving over a hot oven.

Stop by any of our four locations to select from more than 2500 pieces of outdoor pottery. From ceramic to Terra Cotta to plastic and more, Al's has a shape and color to match any preference.

Need help designing and planting your containers? Our experts can create masterpieces for your patio, deck or front doorstep.

Fountains, birdbaths and statuary can look great in your yard or patio all year round. At Al's Garden & Home we have a great selection to choose from. In today's fast paced lifestyle, there is nothing like the soothing sound of a fountain to help you relax in your outdoor surroundings.

Garden accessories can put the finishing touches on any outdoor space and Al's Garden & Home continually looks for the latest styles, colors and products to go with every individual taste. Visit any of our four locations to find the perfect piece to start or finish your own outdoor decor.


Our mild winters make the Northwest a seasonal home for many birds. If you are a bird lover -- or know one -- stop by Al's Garden & Home for a broad selection of products. Al's carries an extensive line of food, feeders and houses for our feathered friends.