September marks the beginning of fall in the Northwest. Days become shorter, leaves begin changing, and we start to feel crisp, cooler days and nights.

A burlap-wrapped rootball ready to plant

Many folks don't associate fall with planting, but it's a GREAT time to get trees and shrubs in the ground so the fall rains and warmer soil can help promote strong root growth for spring

Fall is also the time to plant spring blooming bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils and Crocuses. It's best to wait until the temperature outside is 65 degrees or less, but by simply digging a hole and dropping in a bulb, you will have beautiful blooms and color come springtime.

September is a great month to prepare your lawn and garden for spring. First, you'll want to fertilize with a winter fertilizer to promote strong root growth. Don't forget to water if the weather is dry.

a slug. gross.

Now is also the time to spray for weeds and aerate your lawn. You'll also want to bait for slugs as they traditionally lay eggs now to hatch next spring. If you have overgrown perennials in your garden such as peonies or irises, it's a great time to divide and replant them so their roots can develop throughout the winter - and YOU can enjoy healthy plants next spring!