For today's containers, the small deciduous tree Clerodendrum trichotomum, more commonly known as the Harlequin Glorybower, has real impact! And right now the weather is perfect for planting.

The foliage and white blooms of a harlequin glorybower

Both flower and fruit are exceptionally beautiful. The dark green leaves are oval, five inches long and covered with a soft fuzz. In the full sun of late summer, the tree bears beautiful clusters of white, tubular flowers offering late summer and early fall interest to your garden.

Did you know?

If you crush the leaves, the Cleodendrum smells like peanut butter, so some people call it the Peanut Butter Tree!

But there is even more than bloom and fragrance to this small tree since in late summer there are stunning fruits. Both flowers and fruits can be found on the plant at the same time.

Harlequin Glorybower prefers full sun and moist well drained soil. It grows 15 to 20 feet tall, so is perfect size for today’s smaller gardens and ideal for containers.

Grace your porch with this beauty, and have everyone on the block wondering what she is!

If you happened to have missed our Fall Fashion show at the recent Al’s Neighborhood Block Party, rest easy because we’ve got you covered.

I have pulled together the key trends for fall, so you’ll look your best.

Day to Night

Pieces that are versatile for every day, or can be dressed up for evening.

Pair the Habitat® mixed convertible cardigan with the Habitat® stretch seamed pant. The cardigan with its waterfall collar detail is perfectly in style this season. You can wear the light weight cardigan to work—OR – over a little black dress for a special occasion.

This dolman sleeved, faux suede jacket in the color Shadow was the hit of the show. You can wear it now, and layer it over a turtleneck when the weather turns colder. The texture of faux suede is what makes it glamorous for evening.

Plaid is a huge trend for fall, and the Habitat® plaid crinkle cotton shirt has a flattering A-line cut with a wedge back detail. So you look as good as you walking away, as you do coming! For a more dressed up evening feel, just change your shoes and add glam accessories.

The New Boho

It's the laid back vibe that’s grown up. Rich fabrics and unique details lend to polished, sophisticated pieces you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.

As long as you have a touch of fur, you are all ready for fall. This boho inspired print blouse with its tassel neck detail, looks great under the faux leather vest with fur and zipper detail.

Luxe Eclectic

Embrace mixed prints, fun details and luxe fabrics and add to your fall list of must haves.

The laser-cut detail on this jacket gives it a unique feel and the buttery suede completes this luxe look.

Shades of Plum

This rich, vibrant color will add a pop of color to your basics. Whether you wear a lighter shade for that feminine feel, or a deep darker shade for a rich romantic feel, shades of plum are “in” for fall.

The mixed fabric sweater from Prana® has a sweater knit front panel with fleece sleeves and body. Layered underneath is a plaid maxi top which is a great example of mixing shades of plum to craft a look that makes a statement.

This suede fringe jacket from Tribal® adds a fun, flirty feel to the outfit. Layered underneath is a ¾ sleeve scoop printed top with sequin detail. This lighter shade of plum in this shirt adds a feminine touch to this outfit.

So, if you are eager to jump into fall fashion, join at Al’s of Sherwood and Woodburn. We’ve got the key pieces for your wardrobe and all the accessories, jewelry and handbags to pull it all together.

Now that you've got your fall containers all done with Our Fall Collection, let's get to decorating for all those fabulous fall events coming up!

an array of autumn decor available at Al's

Whether it's dinner with friends, or the whole crew over after the football game, we've got some perfect ideas for your home

fall themed door wreaths

Autumn Wreaths

The quickest and easiest way to bring fall into your home is by adding a wreath to your front door. Add some corn stalks, straw bales, pumpkins and some beautiful fall-inspired mums, and you've got yourself a front porch the neighborhood will enjoy.

Hot SkwashImage courtesy of Hot Skwash.

Hot Skwash

These adorable Hot Skwash pumpkins combine luxe silk velvet with natural stems. Some are even adorned with incredible feathers and jewels! They are definitely a collectible table-top decor that you'll want to own - especially since they are made right here in Portland thanks to a partnership with local farmers.

Learn more at

a rustic autumn sign

Signs of the Season

When all else fails you can always say it with a sign. These cute block letters are perfect for your window sill or mantel display. These seasonal signs help us give thanks and remember we are blessed with family and friends.

Freshen up your containers and landscape for fall.

fall plants on a table and in pots

Now that we’ve all survived last week’s heat wave, you may find that your summer containers aren’t looking quite as fresh as they did back when you first planted them. With just a little care you can freshen them up with shades of fall. Our new Fall Collection includes a spectrum of Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers that welcome those cooler evenings and the long Indian Summer days of September.


a Wilma Goldcrest 'Lemon Cypress'

Wilma Goldcrest ‘Lemon Cypress’

Dwarf evergreen shrub has a tight, columnar habit with exceptional, golden-yellow fragrant foliage. Plant among purple or red foliaged plants for exceptional contrast. An easy to grow container plant that smells of lovely lemons.


close up of yellow 'Blue Eyed Beauty' Osteospermum blooms

Osteosperumum ‘Blue Eyed Beauty’

This unique bicolor African Daisy will add a splash of bright color to your garden. Compact bushy form is perfect in patio containers and mass color plantings as well as mixed into perennial borders.

yellow Chrysociephalum 'Flambe Yellow'

Crysociephalum ‘Flambé Yellow’

Tufted yellow flowers on silvery foliage, ‘Flambe Yellow’ is very heat and drought tolerant. Use in planters or landscapes, as it is great in creating informal drifts.

burgundy and green foliage of Alternanthera 'Red Threads'

Alternanthera ‘Red Threads’

‘Red Threads’ is a slender-leaved perennial that doesn't wander, forming a textured carpet in shades of deep burgundy. A single plant makes a mound about 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Use 'Red Threads' at the base of taller plants to provide vibrant color contrasts.

Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'

Ajuga ‘Burgandy Glow’

Gardeners have a love or hate relationship with this easy to grow evergreen perennial. If you have moist shady areas you'd like covered with a colorful blooming carpet, you'll love it. Burgundy Glow is a big favorite because of the great color it brings. It’s foliage is a collage of greens, pinks and creams, and has the traditional Ajuga blue flower.


Copper colored Heucherella in a pot.

Heucherella ‘Copper Cascade’

This small leaf trailer has lovely refined rosy copper-gold foliage that is muted, but distinct. ‘Copper Cascade’ is a big favorite because of the great color it brings.

Creeping Henny

Lysimachia ‘Creeping Jenny Gold’

“Creeping Jenny Gold” this lovely accent plant that cascades color and texture into any garden setting! Its petite bright golden round foliage on trailing stems look excellent spilling down the side of containers. This plant also makes a great ground cover in landscape beds.

silvery-green Dichondra foliage

Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

Dichondra with its silvery-green foliage and its stealthy creeping growth habit, this variety is a brilliant choice for mixed containers. Petite light-green to silver leaves produce a thick mantle that cascades over your patio container. Drought- and heat-tolerant, this splendidly leafy plant performs nicely as a ground cover as well.

There are many more combinations possible with our new Fall Collection. Come in and explore for yourself all the possibilities.

Enjoy the fragrance of lilacs for months instead of weeks.

a Bloomerang Lilac bush
close up of a Bloomerange Purple Lilac bloom

Bloomerang® Purple

While traditional lilac varieties bloom for a few short weeks in spring, Bloomerang's fragrant flowers continue until frost. A revolutionary new kind of lilac, the Bloomerang ® blooms in spring and then again throughout the summer. And while it needs a rest period during the heat of the summer, it will rebloom in late summer. This compact, mounded variety fits easily into any landscape, and is ideal as a foundation planting or as part of the mixed border.

close-up of Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac blooms

Bloomerang® Dark Purple

New Dark Purple is a bigger deciduous shrub than the original Bloomerang® and has larger, more rounded inflorescence. This vigorous grower will add beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall. When planted in mass they make a great choice for hedges as well. Just like all lilacs, the Bloomerang® will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, but the Deer won’t care for the taste!

So when your busy schedule calls for a relaxed evening in the garden, look to Bloomerangs to provide the perfumed summer evening air.

As we prepare to head back to school this fall, let’s take a look at ideal plants for the student life.

We’ll grade our favorites, and give you some ideas of how to incorporate a little bit of home into your living situation.


Tillandsia –- A+

Not just because they are all the rage, but because they take so little care, we put Tillandsia on our “Must Have” list of plants for college students. They come in many colors and shapes, and other than a little dunk once a week, they require little else to survive in your dorm room.

succulents in a bowl

Succulents -- A

These cuties are especially great when space is at a premium. With many unique ways to display succulents, they add a note of cool modernism to your study space. Plants are credited with increasing memory retention and concentration – what more would a student want?

zz plant foliage

ZZ Plants – B+

Blending perfectly well with both contemporary and traditional settings, the ZZ Plant is stylish, attractive and easy to take care of. It can take a reasonable amount of neglect without adverse effects and appears impervious to the majority of pests, so what's not to love? The new stems emerge out of the soil and quickly get taller before opening up, just like a cocoon. Inside are all the new glossy leaves this shoot will produce, which will gradually emerge and fan out.

snake plants

Snake Plant-- B

The Snake plant is a carefree, tough succulent that grows almost anywhere. Its leathery sword-shape leaves are usually marbled. Although snake plant tolerates low light, it grows better in medium or bright light. Because it likes the soil to dry out between waterings, it’s perfect for a busy student.

With just a little thought given to presentation, these plants can add a little green to any small living space.