This beautiful flower is also known as the Princess lily or the dwarf Peruvian lily.

Alstoemerias for Perennial Gardening Month

These throaty tufts of flowers are long bloomers, and provide Hawaii-like intense color that attracts bumble bees and hummingbirds alike. There is a unique way to harvest flowers or deadhead once your alstoemerias has bloomed. Simply snap the flower stalk off at the base of the plant. Alstoemerias send up flower stems quicker than if you just trimmed it back with scissors.


  • Flowers bloom late May to September
  • Full sun to a little afternoon shade
  • Unique way to harvest flowers or deadhead for more blooms
  • Makes a beautiful cut flowers
Red Inca Bandit Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Bandit

Inca Bandit is well named... Take care or he will steal your heart! Valentine red blooms with enticing black whiskers are plentiful all spring and summer, and keep going right into fall. Don't forget the lush emerald foliage, so handsome even without blooms. Be sure to pull rather than cut the stems you bring into your vase. Pulling alstroemeria stems gets them reblooming much faster than when the stems are cut.

Purple Inca Nobel Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Noble

A purple blooming dwarf alstroemeria that performs just as well as any pink! If you love rich shades of purple and violet, but only have time or patience for plants that produce a lot of blooms with little care - Alstroemeria noble is the one for you! Velvety purple petals shade nearly to black, with a white spotlight and a spray of black whiskers. Expect months of blooms in return for good growing conditions. Perfect for containers, window boxes, patios and balconies.

White Inca Lucky Alstoemeria bloom

Inca Lucky

This vivacious alstroemeria makes you fall in love all over again! Lush, tropical foliage forms a handsome mound, with plentiful stems rising just 8-12", loaded with magenta buds. The blooms open to petals of clearest white, with throats of luscious salmon pink, and fetching green brushes at their tips. Just the barest freckling and you will feel lucky with these blooms gracing your garden or your vase.

We take a look at some of our favorite tomato varieties to grow in a container

We've had a long love affair with Star Jasmine. This vine is covered with small white, star or pinwheel shaped flowers, that make your garden smell absolutely heavenly.

Staked Star Jasmine Vine
Close-up of a Star Jasmine bloom

Whether you know it by its common name Star Jasmine, Chinese Jasmine, Trader's Compass, Chinese Ivy or Confederate Jasmine, the result is the same. I have an involuntary need to take in a deep breath, in hopes of capturing the memory of that sweet smell forever.

Hardy and robust, this flowering beauty appreciates full sun to partial shade and will tolerate high heat as well as temperatures as low as -10 degrees. Adaptable to most soil types, Star Jasmine is moderately drought-tolerant and practically maintenance-free.

Star Jasmine is considered a night-bloomer, with blossoms opening up in the early evening when temperatures cool down. Plant the jasmine in containers where trailing vines can gently spill over the side. Since this vine is very versatile it can be trained to grow up a trellis or similar structure. Star Jasmine are especially nice near your front door, to great your visitors.

Consider planting this vine on an open pergola to create an irresistible, shaded retreat. With Star Jasmine, you can transform your outdoor living space into an exotic vacation destination.


  • Average water needs, water regularly
  • Prefers full sun, or sun to partial shade
  • 15’ – 20’ feet in height
  • Bloom time is mid spring, or late spring/early summer
  • Hardy to -10 degrees

This showy shrub will have your neighbors stopping and asking “What is that?”

Peppermint Mountain Laurel bloomsPeppermint Mountain Laurel
Nipmuck Mountain Laurel

Their pentagonal-shaped blossoms have a unique architectural structure. Their buds almost look like berries until they bloom, and then become little origami-like blossoms.

The Mountain laurel is closely related to azaleas and rhododendrons. It grows in a large, rounded mound and has dark green foliage that remains all year. In late spring, it bears huge clusters of flowers in combinations of pink, red and white.


  • Mountain laurel needs soil with an acidic pH.
  • It prefers ground that's moist, well-drained, and high in organic matter.
  • Amend average soil with compost, before planting.
  • Mountain laurel tolerates full sun in moist soil
  • It does better in partial shade if the soil tends to get dry.

Because it likes acidic soil, we recommend fertilizing with Espoma’s® Holly-tone. Just mix the granular fertilizer into the soil to encourage healthy growth. This slow-release fertilizer is perfect for extended feeding.

Stop into any Al's to see a great selection of Mountain laurel varieties - blooming now!

Pink Charm Mt. Laurel bloomsPink Charm
Minuet Mt. Laurel bloomsMinuet
Keepsake Mt. Laurel bloomsKeepsake
Heart's Desire Mt Laurel bloomsHeart's Desire
Freckles Mt. Laurel bloomsFreckles
Carousel Mt. Laurel bloomsCarousel
Peppermint Mt. Laurel bloomsPeppermint
Bullseye Mt. Laurel bloomsBullseye
Big Boy Mt. Laurel bloomsBig Boy

Whether it’s blue or pink, or somewhere in between, there is nothing like a Hydrangea to get your attention in the garden.

pink and blue 'LA Dreamin Hydrangea bloomsThese 'LA Dreamin" Hydrangeas offer a beautiful mix of the pink and blue hues.

Here are four of our favorite Hydrangeas - available now at Al's!

blue 'Rhythmic Blue' Hydrangea bloomLet's Dance 'Rhythmic Blue'

Hydrangea Let's Dance ‘Rhythmic Blue’

From the popular reblooming, mophead Let's Dance series, ‘Rhythmic Blue' has an attractive habit of wilt-resistant foliage that forms a tidy, 2- to 3-foot-high and wide mound. The flowers are held on strong, sturdy stems that are perfect for both fresh and dried arrangements. It blooms on both old and new wood, and is a wonderful choice for containers or along borders to bring intense summer color to your landscape!

  • Garden Height: 24 - 36 inches
  • Spread: 24 - 36 inches
'Blue Jangles' Hydrangea bloomHydrangea Let's Dance 'Blue Jangles'

Hydrangea Let's Dance ‘Blue Jangles’

Also from the Let's Dance series, ‘Blue Jangles’ is a new color for this series with rich blue mophead flowers on compact plants. Its sturdy structure is great for containers or your garden bed. It’s blue color will be most intense in acidic soils.

  • Garden Height: 24 - 36 inches
  • Spread: 24 - 36 inches
deep blue 'LA Dreamin' Hydrangea bloomHydrangea 'LA Dreamin'

Hydrangea ‘LA Dreamin’

Summer through fall, ‘L.A. Dreamin' will delight gardeners and onlookers with three gorgeous shades of blooms in deep pink, deep blue, and a lovely mauve combination of the two. Huge blooms are set off against shiny, bright green foliage that is nearly translucent when back lit by sunlight.

  • Garden Height: 24 - 30 inches
  • Spread: 30 - 36 inches
Pink 'Oregon Pride' Hydrangea bloomHydrangea 'Oregon Pride'

Hydrangea ‘Oregon Pride’

‘Oregon Pride' bears mophead-type clusters of large raspberry pink flowers on showy burgundy-red stems. The flowers age to grayish mauve.

  • Garden Height: 5 - 6 feet
  • Spread: 5- 6 feet

Hydrangeas prefer well-drained soil, and like to be fed a general all-purpose fertilizer like Al’s All Natural and Organic Slow Release 8-2-4 Fertilizer before spring growth.