We are doing our part to protect you and our employees, and help everyone keep planting for the future in the following ways:

  • We are executing a strict plan of cleaning and sanitizing work surfaces, checkouts, shopping cars, restrooms, door handles, phones, radios keyboards and all other commonly touched surfaces. This is done multiple times throughout the day.
  • Our staff is practicing thorough and frequent hand-washing and sanitation.
  • Our delivery vehicles are being sanitized after every use and our drivers will be exercising caution when interacting with our customers.
  • Employees not feeling well or exhibiting any flu-like symptoms are not permitted to come to work.
  • We require our employees to maintain social distancing both with fellow employees and customers.
  • We are supporting our employees by utilizing technology to meet remotely to avoid group meetings, enabling work-from home, adjusting schedules, and offering flexible paid time off.
  • All business travel has been suspended until further notice.

We are grateful for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support.