Al’s Garden & Home believes in supporting our local communities. We take pride in being a good neighbor and doing our best to respond to the needs of those around us. Al’s demonstrates this support by making donations every year to local schools, churches, community gardens and many other non-profit organizations that surround our three store locations.


Donations from Al’s Garden & Home are most commonly the plants we grow.  Although we wish we could accommodate every request, we work within a set budget to fulfill as many requests as possible. Being involved in the community and in the efforts of neighbors working to improve it is important to Al’s Garden & Home.

We are proud to announce that Al’s Garden & Homehas been adopted by Gervais Middle School, through the Adopt a Farmer program. The Adopt a Farmer program is designed to give agriculture a voice by connecting students to their rural roots.

By pairing a middle school classroom with a farm or ranch for the entire academic year, students can build a relationship with their adopted farmer. Oregon Aglink funds a field trip to the farm for the students where they will see, hear, touch, smell and get a taste of what life is like on the farm. In addition to the field trip, the farmer visits the classroom 2-3 times throughout the rest of the school year to engage students in the science behind farming, while sharing his or her story of Oregon agriculture.

For more information about the Adopt a Farmer program please visit their website.