Bulb Vase


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Bulb Vase

A convenient way to force bulbs to grow. 

A small cup with an open bottom sits atop the vase allowing a place for the bulb to rest and the roots to grow downward into the water reservoir. 

Perfect for bulb plants like hyacinths, paperwhites, daffodils, crocus, and amaryllis.

You can also use this in more creative ways to propagate plant cuttings like snake plants, Trandescantia, and ZZ plants, or to display Tillandsias.

The removable dish allows for easy water changes and vase cleaning. Keep the dish off and it can also be used as a vase to showcase cut flowers 


Bulb Forcing Instructions:

Place bulb in dish and fill vase with water to just below the bottom of the dish.

The bulb roots will "reach" for the water. Do not overfill as this can cause the bulb to decay.

Keep vase in a cool dark area until roots begin to grow.

Once roots begin to grow, move vase to a sunny window or area with lots of natural light. This will help the bulb to flower. When roots occupy 2/3 of the vase, gradually reduce the amount of water. 



To avoid decay or mold, change water frequently. Use of chemicals, fertilizers, or growth enhancers are not recommended.

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