English Laurel


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English Laurel

Prunus laurocerasus

  • Tiny fragrant white flowers, black fruit
  • Dense and rounded, dark-green foliage
  • Ideal for clipped hedges, group plantings, or screens.
  • Container Size: 7 & 15 Gallon

Sun or PM Shade
20' x 20'


Introducing the majestic Prunus English Laurel, a versatile evergreen shrub that brings timeless beauty and practicality to your garden or landscape. With its lush foliage, graceful form, and a plethora of benefits, this remarkable plant is a perfect choice for enhancing your outdoor space.

The Prunus English Laurel, also known as Prunus laurocerasus, showcases glossy, dark green leaves that provide an elegant backdrop throughout the year. Its dense foliage creates a natural screen, offering privacy and acting as a sound barrier, making it an excellent choice for hedging or bordering your property. Whether you want to create a secluded retreat, shield against noise, or simply add structure to your garden, the English Laurel excels in fulfilling these roles.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the English Laurel offers practicality and resilience. It thrives in a variety of soil types and is adaptable to both sun and shade, making it suitable for a range of growing conditions. Its evergreen nature ensures year-round interest and provides a sense of permanence to your landscape.

In addition to its visual benefits, the Prunus English Laurel is also known for its tolerance to pollution, making it a valuable choice for urban gardens. Its ability to withstand urban environments and moderate salt spray exposure makes it a popular option for coastal landscapes as well. This versatile shrub is also deer-resistant, reducing the risk of damage from browsing animals.

Whether used as a standalone focal point, a privacy screen, or a foundation planting, the Prunus English Laurel delivers a touch of elegance and functionality to any outdoor setting. Its well-rounded attributes make it a go-to choice for both professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts alike.

Please note that regular pruning and maintenance will help shape and manage the growth of the English Laurel, ensuring its health and longevity. As with any plant, it is important to consider your specific climate and growing conditions to ensure the best success for this remarkable addition to your garden.

Note: When purchasing plants, please ensure that they are suitable for your specific climate and growing conditions.


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