English Laurel
English Laurel
English Laurel
English Laurel

English Laurel


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Introducing Prunus English Laurel, the incredible evergreen shrub that adds timeless beauty and practicality to any outdoor space. Its lush foliage and graceful form offer immense value - dark green, glossy leaves dense enough to provide privacy, adaptability to sun and shade, plus it's deer-resistant! With regular pruning and maintenance, this remarkable plant will bring beauty and functionality to your garden for years!


  • Botanical Name: Prunus laurocerasus
  • Tiny fragrant white flowers, black fruit
  • Dense and rounded, dark-green foliage
  • Ideal for clipped hedges, group plantings, or screens.
  • Container Size: 7 & 15 Gallon

Sun or PM Shade
20' x 20'


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