Everybody loves poinsettias and they make a perfect holiday accent in your home or a wonderful gift. Learn more about how your group can benefit from Al’s Poinsettia fundraiser.

We offer two types of fundraising programs here at Al’s Garden & Home: a Distribution Program and a Voucher Program. Each program is outlined in detail below.

The Distribution Program


If you believe that the majority of your customers would prefer the convenience of having their 6.5” or 8.5” premium poinsettias delivered to them, this is a great option for you! You promote the program to your group and then they presell the poinsettias and consolidate their orders into one master order. We deliver the bulk poinsettia order to one specific location at a date and time that you designate or you can pick up at our greenhouse growing location. There is $1.95 per mile delivery fee one way to your location. Then you sort and deliver your specific orders.


Decide on a delivery location, date and time right away. We set our delivery schedule on a first come, first serve basis so it is important to get on the schedule early if you want a particular date and time.

Set the price that your group will resell the poinsettias for. As a guideline, most groups resell the 6.5” poinsettias for $15 each and the 8.5” poinsettias for $30 each.

Give an estimate of how many poinsettias you think your group will sell. Following are the options to choose from:

red poinsettia plant6.5" Red / 8.5" Red
white poinsettia plant6.5" White / 8.5" White
pink poinsettia plant6.5" Pink/ 8.5" Pink
red and white mixed poinsettia plant6.5" Jingle Bells / 8.5" Jingle Bells

You can offer all of the options above or choose just one size or only red poinsettias, for example. It is up to your group and your needs. Many first-time fundraising groups like to offer only red poinsettias or only one size of poinsettia in all colors just to simplify the sale.

All poinsettias come with a decorative pot cover in red, gold or green and a protective paper sleeve.

Start pre-selling your poinsettias in late October. Have your group members collect money at the time they make the sale.

We will need a final consolidated order at least 2 weeks prior to your delivery date or pick-up.

Have your team/group turn in their orders at least 1 week prior to your deadline with us. For example, if your delivery date is December 5th, all orders should be turned into the group coordinator by November 14th and a final consolidated order should be placed with us by November 21st.

Poinsettia delivery should take place from Friday, November 17th - Friday, December 8th. Poinsettia delivery is available Monday through Friday with the addition of a few Saturday mornings after Thanksgiving.

Payment should be made at the time of delivery unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time.

The Voucher Program

 A stack of Al's Poinsettia Vouchers


If the majority of the people your group will be selling to live close to one of our retail locations, this is a great option for you! You can either pick up the number of vouchers that your group expects to sell ahead of time and give each child/parent a set number to sell, or presell the poinsettia vouchers and then pick up the vouchers and redistribute them to your group to hand back to their customers. The person who bought the voucher then brings it to any Al’s Garden Center retail store from Friday, November 17th - Monday, December 4th to redeem for their poinsettia.


Vouchers are printed and can be handed out at any of our Al’s Garden Center locations as long as you have touched base with us and an order has been placed.

Some groups like the ease of handing out the voucher at the time the sale is made, but if any vouchers are lost or stolen, they are the same as cash and must be paid for. For this reason, many groups prefer to presell the poinsettia vouchers and then deliver them once the money has been turned in and the orders are final. The choice is yours but please stress the importance of keeping track of the vouchers to the children/parents involved in your fundraiser if you choose to hand out the vouchers before they are sold.

Poinsettia vouchers can be redeemed at any Al’s Garden Center location from Friday, November 17th through Monday, December 4th, 2017. Just bring your voucher in and you can choose from any poinsettia on the retail floor in the size that you purchased.

Customers like this option because they can pick out the color they like from a selection of over 40 varieties. Fundraising groups like this option because they don’t have to worry about receiving the poinsettias and then getting them all distributed and delivered by their group.

We will need a final consolidated order by no later than November 12th in order to return vouchers to your group before the redemption period begins. You will want to have all vouchers out to your customers before the November 17th redemption start date.

All unused vouchers must be returned before November 17th for credit back to your account. After November 17th, all vouchers checked out will be billed in full to your account.

All invoices should be paid in full at the time that your vouchers are returned or when you pick up your bulk order unless you have made prior arrangements.

We appreciate your interest in our Poinsettia Fundraising Program and look forward to working with you. We hope to make this a fun experience and one that helps your group easily and successfully raise funds!

Please contact Amy Bigej to get started, or with any additional questions at 503-651-2558 or via email at
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