Hardy Fuchsias


Hosta varieties are noted for their wide array of foliage shapes and colors. From small leaves to huge 8" leaves, there is a Hosat for every container or garden site. Hostas are lovely for their foliage, but it's their long stems of white to lavender flower spikes that will bring the butterflies to your garden.

Dream Queen Hosta'Dream Queen' Hosta
Fire n Ice Hosta"Fire n' Ice' Hosta
Old Glory Hosta'Old Glory' Hosta
Al's Expert Tip:

Fuchsias know to send out more roots to help keep them well hydrated in the summer sunshine. If you do have a sunny location, plant your Fuchsia deeper, just like you would a tomato plant.


Invite your neighborhood hummingbirds to your garden by planting Hardy Fuchsia. The Fuchsia's beautiful flowers are hummingbird magnets, and provide nectar for them all summer long. Hardy Fuchsias are upright perennials that are perfect for the shady or sunny garden spots.

Golden Leaf Fuchsia'Golden Leaf' Fuchsia
Peter Pan Fuchsia'Peter Pan' Fuchsia
Santa Claus Fuchsia'Santa Claus' Fuchsia