Lavender in bloom
English Lavender English Lavender

Spanish Lavender Spanish Lavender


Lavender is true summer flower which is loved by butterflies and bees, and its evergreen foliage offers year round interest.  Lavender's beautiful blooms are perfect for fresh bouquets brought directly in from the garden.  Lavender is also well know for being dried for flower arrangements or sachets.

Lavender has a few different forms.  There is the English lavender flower and the Spanish lavender flower.  Both unique, the English lavender has a spike of florets on a stem that grows above it's foliage. Spanish lavender is also a spike of flowers, but has a tuft of petals at the top of the flower cluster.  English lavender 'lavendula angustifolia' is a delicious accent to main dishes and pastry recipes.  

  • Loves full sun and needs good drainage
  • Aromatic foliage and flowers
  • Trim back after blooming to maintain pleasing plant habit
  • Deer resistant 


Delphiniums are loved for their beautiful blooms, and are especially stunning in fresh bouquets.  Delphiniums are also butterfly and bee magnets.

  • Plant Delphiniums in full sun to a little afternoon shade
  • Delphiniums prefer even soil moisture and good drainage
  • Cut back spent flowers to help promote more flowers
  • Trim foliage as needed
  • Plants may go dormant by late summer
  • Perfect for containers or garden borders

Add pleasing perennials to your borders, and watch them return again and again.