Bulb Tulip 4 & 6"
Bulb Tulip 4 & 6"

Bulb Tulip 4 & 6"


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Red yellow white purple

Get ready to experience the joy of spring with our Tulips. These forced bulbs bloom out of season in vibrant red, yellow, white, and purple hues. Not only do they add beauty to your yard, but they also provide a stunning display next spring. Grow them outdoors and enjoy a burst of color at 8-12 inches in height.

All of these bulbs have been grown to bloom out of season.

After the flowers fade, do not cut back the foliage.

The bulbs need the foliage to ensure beautiful flowers next spring.

Plant them outdoors to enjoy spring

  • Container size: 4" and 6" Options

8-12 in.

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