Cantaloupe - Tasty Bites 4"

Cantaloupe - Tasty Bites 4"


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Tasty Bites Cantaloupe


This 4" Cantaloupe - Tasty Bites melon is perfect for small gardens. Its compact size yields fully sweet and delicious fruit in a fraction of the space compared to larger melons. With a high sugar content and perfect texture for salads, snacks, and desserts, the Cantaloupe - Tasty Bites is an ideal choice for gardeners.

  • Personal-sized 1 lb. fruit.
  • Sweet rich flavor, resulting from a cross between Charentais and Ananas type melons.
  • High yielding and disease resistant.
  • Harvest when fruit easily slips from the vine
  • Container size: 4 in.

Full Sun

80 Days

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