Barberry - 'Sunjoy® Citrus'

Barberry - 'Sunjoy® Citrus'


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Revel in the stunning beauty of our 'Sunjoy® Citrus' Barberry! With bright yellow foliage that provides an eye-catching contrast to the deep green of other plants, it will bring an unmistakable vibrancy to your garden. Grown with care from the highest quality stock, this is the perfect choice for transforming any outdoor space.

  • Botanical Name: Berberis thunbergii 'Sunjoy Citrus' PP#24818
  • Improved golden barberry/Excellent burn resistant
  • Neat rounded habit, uniform ball-shaped plant.
  • Excellent low-maintenance hedge.
  • Container size: 1 Gallon

2-3 ft.


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