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Grow cucumbers in your garden using Lake Valley Seeds.  All Lake Valley seeds are non-GMO and untreated (including no treatment with neonicotinoid pesticides), and  their organic garden seeds and sprouting seeds are USDA Certified Organic. 

We are offering 7 varieties of cucumber seeds. Below are descriptions of the cucumber seeds we are offering.

Cucumber, Armenian-Organic

Long slender fruits with a distinctive pale green color. Armenian cucumbers are perfect for slicing because of their neatly scalloped ridges. This prolific vine sets sweet crunchy fruit right up until frost.

Cucumber, Homemade Pickles-Organic

Crisp flesh and firm skin makes this variety ideal for pickling. Produces medium green, 5-6″ fruit on a prolific vine.

Cucumber, Lemon-Organic

A delightful round yellow cucumber with fine, crunchy texture and non-bitter rind. Easy to grow and prolific, with abundant 2-3″ fruits from midsummer to fall.

Cucumber, Marketmore 76-Organic

The standard slicing cucumber, with mildly sweet and crunchy 8-9” dark green fruits. Highly disease-resistant.  Marketmore is a prolific late season variety that produces until fall frost.

Cucumber, Spacemaster-Organic

Sweet, crispy fruits on a space-saving 2′ vine. Perfect for patio planters and gardens too small for regular cucumber vines. Dark green, smooth cucumbers reach 6-7” and are perfect for slicing.

Cucumber Straight Eight-Organic

Delicious, crispy fruit throughout the summer. Straight Eight has been one of the most popular slicing cucumbers since it won the All American Selections Gold Medal in 1935.

Cucumber, Tendergreen Burpless-Organic

Plump and tender, Tendergreen’s uniform shape and sweet, non-bitter flesh have made it a favorite among slicing cucumbers for more than 80 years. Makes delicious pickles. Resistant to downy mildew and mosaic virus.

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