Dogwood - 'Eddie's White Wonder'
Dogwood - 'Eddie's White Wonder'
Dogwood - 'Eddie's White Wonder'

Dogwood - 'Eddie's White Wonder'


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Cornus nuttallii x florida

Dogwood trees are popular spring-blooming, deciduous trees with blossoms that appear before the foliage, making their floral display striking.  Eddie's White Wonder dogwood is an attractive hybrid variety with profuse white blossoms and a distinctive growth pattern.  This tree has enhanced disease resistance.  

  • Beautiful white flower bracts.
  • Dark green foliage.
  • Rich red fall color.
  • Small red fruit in winter
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and/or birds.
  • Container Size: 7 Gallon
  • Item Number: 200722370

    Sun or PM shade
    up to 25'


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