With warmth and sunshine as early as mid-February this year, we were sent a refreshing tease of spring accompanied by the fever to garden! This is nature’s alarm clock, reminding us that we have some planning to do. Now we are into April, so drizzle some honey in your green tea and tell Alexa to play Für Elise, it’s time to plan our containers!

Do you have a flowering vine and it grows so fast you don’t know how to manage it? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to train your flowering vines where you want them.

On your journey to edible gardening, you may be wondering how you can produce your own food at home. Growing your own berry bushes is a great place to start!

Lilies never go completely dormant, so Lily transplanting can be a little tricky. Here are our tips on how to transplant lilies and divide them for even more beautiful blooms.

The season is changing and it's time to update your closet for the warmer weather. Your commute may have changed, but a new refresh for the season is always a good thing. Al's carries a broad selection of women's apparel, and the new Spring looks are in!

Container gardens are quite beautiful, and when they are planned well, they can prove to be easy to care for. We have the perfect plants for you!

How do you help your family enjoy the fresh air and nature and make your outdoor space a relaxing place? Here are a few tips that will help you elevate your outdoor living space.

March means it's time to put out your Mason Bees for the spring season. If you are having trouble getting good pollination on fruit trees and bushes, or you just want to increase the amount of native pollinators in your garden; then Mason Bees are for you!

Adding pottery is the perfect way to add color, style and pizzazz… inside your house and on your patio. Pottery is available in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Seeing a hummingbird darting between your plants is a delight. What attracts them to your garden and keeps them coming back? We have are some options for you that bloom late winter to early spring!