Container gardens are quite beautiful, and when they are planned well, they can prove to be easy to care for. We have the perfect plants for you!

Even if you do not have a backyard to plant trees and perennials, container gardening provides a great opportunity to plant a wide range of plants. Or if you have a back patio you want to spruce up with some pots we have many pots and plants to choose from!

The human eye never rests so the most satisfying shape for it to look at is a triangle. With triangles the eye goes on a journey bouncing from one focal point to the next. With container gardening you can apply this technique by grouping in threes. To do this the easiest thing to do is to get a small, medium and large container and put the largest in the back corner with the two smaller ones anchored off of the largest. When you do this, the depth forms a triangle! Now, to form a triangle with height. In the bigger pot you want to plant your tree, it will act as the point of the triangle. In the smaller pots you can then plant perennials to give pops of color. If you really want to go all out with triangles try matching colors and adding points for your eyes to follow.

Now that you will be seeing triangles everywhere you look, here are some trees and perennials to get you started!

Trees for your Containers

Don’t worry it does not have to get this big! Just trim to keep compact!
    • Acer palmatum varieties (Japanese Maples) are great for containers because they are easier to keep small. They are deciduous so they will lose their leaves in the winter months come spring time though they are fun to watch bud. If you want upright or weeping growth there are different varieties to choose from that will give you those options. The color of the foliage can vary from green to deep purple so you can match any container to your tree and vice versa!
    • Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood). Dogwoods can be small to medium sized trees. They have white or pink flowers in late spring so early spring would be a good time to plant and get it settled so that then you will have nice blooms come late spring. One of the best things about Dogwood trees is that they have great fall color in reds and purples. It is a multi interest tree!

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  • Lagerstroemia indica var. (Crape Myrtle) are interesting because they can be a shrub or a tree! The best part about Crape Myrtles is their blooms! The plant is just magnificent from July through fall. It adds interest to a yard or patio not only by the blooms but also with its exfoliating bark when it is mature.
  • All the colorful Crape Myrtles!

Perennials: Early Spring Color in your Containers

  • Anemone have four different color options. They are a beautiful addition to the spring garden or container. With their long stems they can add some height to the center of your container (making a triangle). Until the temperatures warm the blooms will keep coming. Once the weather warms they go dormant through the summer so you can plant an annual to fill the empty space until Anemone is ready to return.
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    Anemone close up.
    Anemone tall stem.


  • Bellis 'habanera Mix’ English Daisy have cute pom pom shaped flowers in red, white and pink. These blooms will stay from early spring to early summer and tend to like the end of a sunny spot or afternoon shady garden or container. They really look good with spring blooming bulbs and grasses.
  • English Daisy Bloom.
  • ’Alpino Series’ Saxifraga are a great mounding plant to fill a spot in your container with a pop of color. The flowers that bloom are on short stems with tiny rosette shaped foliage that really adds a ball of texture you want to reach out and touch. Be looking for blooms from spring to early summer. You will want to plant them in morning sun or dappled afternoon sun so that they do not get too much direct sun. To get as many blooms as you can trim off the spent flowers and the plant will do the work to push out more blooms for you!
  • Alpino Blooms.

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