I know we have a lot more summer left, but is anyone else looking forward to the cooler days of fall? Wrapping up in a warm throw or even trading your flip-flops in for slippers?

Even though it's not quite time for hay bales and fresh-picked pumpkins, there are many other ways to transition into fall. It's a busy time in the garden and home.


Mums signal the fall for me, and the way millet smells just like syrup on French toast reminds me of a crisp fall morning. Trade out your annuals for the autumn hues of Echinacea. If you can't decide what color to choose, you can enjoy 3 varieties of Echinacea in a single pot with our Tri-color Echinacea pots - grown especially for Al's at The Farm in Hubbard.

closeup of an orange mumGarden Mums
tri-colored echinaceaTri-colored Echinacea

Home Decor

Our Home Decor departments are full of decorative pumpkins of all kinds. We have pumkpins made of tin, glass or wood. You can even find pumpkins made of textile burlap or velvet. We also carry a great selection of seasonal decor including silk flowers and autumn wreaths.

decorative pumpkins
decorative pumpkins
decorative pumpkins
decorative pumpkins
decorative pumpkins
decorative pumpkins

Fall Fashion

Al's Boutique in Sherwood and Woodburn feature all the styles you'll be craving. From Lucy to Prana, Tribal, Sisters and Habitat - we carry a great selection of the new fall styles. Green is a big color this fall. You'll see forest greens and olives, brown green and sage. Add a bag and a scarf, and you're ready to layer your way into fall.

fall fashion jacket
fall fashion sweater
fall fashion scarves