red geranium blooms planted in teal watering cans

Oh, the humble watering can. With its iconic design and simple function, it helps gardeners bring the life-giving water to their thirsty plants. And sure, any ol’ hose can deliver a blast of H2O, but the watering can does it with the grace and elegance of a gentle spring rain.

white and yellow geranium blooms planted in a yellow watering can

Here at Al’s, we believe the watering can is one of the truly unsung heroes of the garden. With that in mind, we’ve given some colorful decorative watering cans a purpose as creative containers for blooming annuals. We’ve planted them up with beautiful combinations of petunias and alyssum, or chalk-full of sunny yellow bidens. They make a great gift for Mother’s Day, and a wonderful way to show Mom that all of her unsung work over the years has not gone unappreciated.

Add something from the Woman’s Apparel department and a simple card, and you got a great way to honor your mother. Can’t quite decide exactly what Mom wants? A gift card from Al’s is always appreciated, and gives her the pleasure of choosing the bloom that suits her best.

Join us Sunday, May 13th, to make some Mother’s Day memories of you own.