Fall is a busy time of year and sometimes we need something quick to throw together to make our front doors look nice and inviting. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when decorating your front porch for a new season!

As the weather changes, our house plants might need a change too. Whether it is fertilizing, repotting, moving, watering, cleaning, checking for bugs, or just giving them some extra love. Here are some tips we find helpful!

raking leaves off a lawn in the fall

Fall is a great time of year to plant, and an equally good time to take care of your lawn. With a little bit of maintenance this fall, you’ll have a green, lush lawn come spring.

As the weather cools down, and Fall being just around the corner, your yard deserves some refreshment. September is not only a good time to refresh your garden, but by renewing your garden, you are giving it a jump start for Spring!

Did you know that one of the best times to plant is in the fall? It is the best of all the things plants love in Oregon. The ground is warm, it stays wet with fall rains, and the roots are able to get a jump start for early spring growth.

The street of Dreams starts from nothing and they create something out of it. With great new innovative styles and ideas it is a great place to go for inspiration for your home and garden.

Some might think that once spring is over, that you can’t or shouldn’t garden into the summer. Well, we believe in inspirational gardens all year round, and have some tips for how best to add new plants to your yard even in the middle of summer.

Do you have an empty space or need to freshen up the space you have? You might have an empty space that needs a little somethin’ somethin’ or you are tired of looking at the same containers and need a little refresh. When looking at that space here are a few things to keep in mind!

It’s summer and just like us, our indoor plants can thrive in the long, sunny days as long as we give them a little extra care and attention. Winter may leave your plants dormant which can make summer a more difficult time for growth. Adjusting light, water and even switching a plant’s scenery can help them have as good of a summer as you. Read on for our tips on how to care for your houseplants this summer and how to keep them healthy and green.

Crape Myrtles thrive and bloom well in heat and with the unusually hot weather we have been having in the Pacific Northwest, we are being treated to early blooms. Usually blooming in mid-August, Crape Myrtles will start to emerge from their dormancy and begin showing their first summer blooms, giving us all more time to admire their beauty and wide range of colors. With its blooms and attractive bark, this flowering tree will please the eye year-round.