September is Houseplant Month
close up of an Anthurium

This Week: Anthuriums

The anthurium, also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Lily, or Tail Flower, is a large genus of possibly 1000 species, belonging to the arum family. With their brilliant glossy spathes (the brightly colored ornamental part of the flower), and slender spadices, anthuriums are classic tropical flowers. The favored "flower" of this plant is actually a bract, or a modified leaf flaring out from the base of a fleshy spike (spadix) where the tiny real flowers grow. Their bracts display bold color including white, pink, red or green with a high-shine, gathered texture. The true flower in yellow, green or white is the spadix, the slender protrusion above the bract.

Owing to the meaning and symbolism of anthurium with its open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it's no wonder that anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality. It is a warm flower that inspires happiness and abundance. Exotic and compelling, with bold flowers and shiny, dark green foliage, anthuriums, like the hospitality they represent, are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful.

With eye-catching blooms and attractive foliage, the anthurium, is an herbaceous perennial native to tropical America. Its seductiveness lies in the fact that the plant adapts effortlessly to any interior and any style: traditional or modern, on its own or in a large group. The anthurium feels at home anywhere, and remarkably retains its character every time in any setting whether it is placed in an earth pot or in a glass container.

As well as its exotic background, the anthurium's popularity is assured because its undemanding nature. That means both experienced plant lovers and beginners can care for it effortlessly. And in return for such little attention, the anthurium gives back a surprisingly large amount of pleasure by flowering almost all year long.

  • Featuring glossy, green foliage
  • Bright light; no direct sun to promote blooms
  • Fertilize regularly in April to August
  • Keep soil evenly moist - especially during warmer seasons
  • Flowers last a long time before fading to green.