rudbeckia blooms

You may be finding it a little cooler in the mornings, or actually have seen leaves falling. You certainly can’t miss the Back to School reminders in stores where you shop. Maybe you’re just wishing for that break in the heat and a chance to get back out in the garden. Regardless, we have all the fall colors color and textures that you’re hoping for.

Try adding Rudbeckia hirta, which is commonly called black-eyed-Susan, and is a member of the sunflower family. Other common names include brown-eyed Susan or brown Betty due to its brown center. Rudbeckia hirta is the state flower of Maryland, and is used by many Native American tribal nations as a medicinal herb. Known for being a remedy for colds, flu, infection, swelling and snake bites, it is multipurpose and highly valued. And if that wasn’t enough, Rudbeckia attracts butterflies to your garden when planted in large color-masses.

close up of a rudbeckia hirta bloom

Rudbeckia hirta

  • Upright annual, growing 12-39 inches tall
  • Approx. 12-18 inches wide
  • The leaves are covered with a coarse hair, with stout branching stems.
  • Daisy-like composite flower head approx. 4 inches in diameter, with yellow florets circling a conspicuous brown or black, dome-shaped cone of many small florets.
  • Can be found in a range of sizes and colors including oranges, reds and browns. Perfect for adding fall color to your home or garden!