A bee on a cosmo

If you are looking to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, the following perennials are a perfect additions. With a little deadheading of spent blooms, these will continue to flower throughout the summer.

June 20-26 is National Pollinator Week, and what a better way to celebrate than adding flowers that welcome our pollinator friends to your garden. Whether it’s Phlox or Coreopsis, there is pollinator-friendly plant that’s perfect for your style and taste. Here are a few of our favorites.

'Funfare Orange' Cape Fuchsia'Funfare Orange' Cape Fuchsia

Cape Fuchsia

  • Tubular Flowers are nectar sources for Hummingbirds & bees
  • Flowers available in orange, coral, red & yellow
  • Plant in full sun or a little shade in late afternoon
Tall Phlox'Flame Coral' Tall Phlox

Tall Phlox

  • Clusters of flowers in pink, coral, blue and purple
  • Loved by butterflies, bees and Hummingbirds
  • Nice for fresh Bouquets too
  • Plant in full sun or a little shade in the afternoon
Coreopsis'Sienna Sunset' Coreopsis


  • Daisy shaped flowers in array of colors from solid pink to burgundy and white, lemon yellow, golden yellow and apricot
  • Flowers loved by bees and butterflies
  • Leave last of the flowers heads on for seeds for fall feed for the birds.
  • Birds will seek out the seedheads
  • Coreopsis Common name is Tickseed.
Poker Plant'Lemon Popsicle' Poker Plant

Poker Plant

  • Spikes of flowers in Shades of yellow, peach and red
  • Flowers loved by Hummingbirds
  • Plant in full sun
  • Drought tolerant after planted 1 year
  • Grassy-like foliage is a nice garden texture even when flowers are not in bloom
Crocosmia'Lucifer' Crocosmia


  • Flowers are Hummingbird Magnets
  • Plant Crocosmia in many parts of your garden so the Hummers don't get too territorial!
  • Tubular shaped flowers in deep orange, red or gold
  • Leave seedheads on for Fall Interest
  • Plant in full sun