An Orange Spice Poinsettia surrounded by fall gourds

When decorating for Thanksgiving, you probably don’t think of poinsettias. But you may be surprised to find out there are special varieties that work just great for dressing up your bountiful Thanksgiving table. I’m sure thankful for the broad spectrum of varieties available. Here are a few of our favorite poinsettia picks for fall.


a Cinnamon Star Poinsettia by a bale of hay

Cinnamon Star

The peachy pink bracts on this variety are speckled with slightly darker pink dots, making it look as though they have been sprinkled with cinnamon.

a Gold Rush Poinsettia next to fall decor

Gold Rush

This beauty is absolutely irresistible, with unique tear-drop shaped bracts in warm golden-pink colors that vary in tone from plant to plant.

a bright Orange Spice Poinsettia

Orange Spice

Rich true orange bracts and it’s narrow lancelet shape provide increased interest, as Orange Spice is the only true orange poinsettia available.