Several Flowering Cherry trees in bloom at Al's Garden & Home's storefront entrance

Flowering cherry trees are the showiest way to let us know that spring is finally here! Of course, Magnolias and Red Currants can be a real eye-catcher as well. Now is the best time to shop for flowering shrubs and trees. Here are a few more of Al's favorites.

A close-up of red currant king edward in bloom

Red Currant 'King Edward'

  • Clusters of vivid, crimson flowers make this a favorite variety.
  • Blue-black berries are loved by birds.
  • A compact grower; excellent as a hedge or in a mixed shrub border.
  • A Northwestern U.S. native selection.
  • Deciduous
A close-up of lilac Charles Joly in bloom

Lilac 'Charles Joly'

  • This medium sized shrub has an upright, open-branched habit and bright green foliage.
  • Gorgeous, deep-purple, double flower clusters are highly fragrant.
  • Blooms mid-season, typically in mid-May.
  • Thrives in cool summer climates.
  • A lovely spring accent, screen, or border specimen.
  • Deciduous
The blooms of a thundercloud Plum tree

'Thundercloud' Plum

  • A stunning landscape addition, with splendid coppery-purple foliage that holds its color into fall.
  • Pale pink, single blooms blanket the stems in the spring before the foliage emerges.
  • Produces small, red, edible fruit.
  • A wonderfully versatile deciduous tree, useful in all areas of landscaping.
The blooms of a royal star magnolia

'Royal Star' Magnolia

  • Early bloomer with large, fragrant, white double flowers appearing before the foliage emerges in spring.
  • Useful in areas where late freezes can occur.
  • Open-branched, multi-trunked large shrub or small tree.
  • A springtime thriller that will add a nice touch to the landscape as the seasons progress.
  • Deciduous

If you are in search of glorious spring color, these are some really great options. These small trees are perfect for containers and can help to visually anchor your outdoor area, whether it is a large porch or smaller patio.