Pink blooming Hydrangea bush

Whether it's a mop head, lace cap or oak leaf hydrangea that you prefer, hydrangeas are in bloom and ready to enjoy now!  Plant them now to truly enjoy them at their peak.

Besides providing big color, hydrangeas are great problem solvers in the yard.  They can add beautiful foliage for the shade garden, and can act like a tall drift of shrubs at the back of a border to cover up that unappealing deck lattice work.  Hydrangeas are large enough to camouflage the ugliest of air conditioning units, but also small enough to be potted up in a container for the deck.  Best in moist, well drained soil that has been amended with compost. Fertilize in early spring with Al's Slow Release Fertilizer.

A large blue bloom of Cityline Rio Hydrangea

Cityline Rio Hydrangea macrophylla "Ragra' -- doesn't need pruning!

Like the other Cityline hydrangeas, Rio is compact and does not need pruning. It's perfect for foundation plantings and milder climate container gardens. It's a small to medium sized early blooming hydrangea with large, long lasting flowers. Flower color ranges from strong blue to purple, depending on the soil. This hydrangea has excellent mildew resistance.

The light pink bloom of a Cityline Berlin Hydrangea

Cityline Berlin Hydrangea macrophylla 'Berlin Rabe' -- largest bloom.

This dwarf Cityline hydrangea stays tight and compact without any pruning, making them a great choice for container gardens.  The clear pink flowers of Berlin are the largest blooms in the series. Easter-egg colored blooms are long lasing, changing to an attractive green with age.  The glossy green leaves enjoy a high level of mildew resistance.  This great landscape plant adds that needed dash of color.  It's good in groupings or in masses as well.

The bright pink bloom of a Cityline Paris Hydrangea

Cityline Paris Hydrangea macrophylla 'Paris Rapa' -- reddest flower.

Ooh la la!  The tight compact habit of Cityline Paris hydrangea makes it a well behaved garden or landscape plant.  But it's vivid red flowers are going to make a bold and stylish statement. One of the smallest hydrangeas on the market, it doesn't not need pruning and it's deep green mildew resistant leaves look handsome all season. Cityline Paris keep its red color in most any soil, only developing purple centers in acidic soils.  The reddest flower color of any big leaf hydrangea, and the smallest and most compact of any hydrangea -- what more would you want.  Use it groupings or masses, or even for screens and hedges.