A field of colorful Dahlias

A big colorful bouquet of Dahlias cut fresh from your garden will let everyone know that summer is in full swing. You may have your favorite type of Dahlia - from the traditional Decorative Dahlia to the unique Cactus Dahlia, there is sure to be a bloom that suits your style. Or, an array of all different kinds, sizes, and hues will really scream summer fun!

Did you know there are 12 different groups of dahlias? The group Decorative Dahlias include the big ones, such as Dinnerplate Dahlias. The flowers are fully double and the plants are tall. Flower size is the largest - up to 12" accross, and the plants grow up to 5 feet tall!

Even though they're often called bulbs, the roots of Dahlias are actually tubers. Dahlia tubers look a lot like a bunch of brown carrots. The stem actually sprouts directly from the tuber.

Once you have your tubers, it's important to space them correctly.  If you're planting a big Dinnerplate Dahlia, it's going to need some elbow room.  When grown, it will be the size of a large rose bush, so plan accordingly. In general, plant the tubers by arranging the "bunch of carrots" with the points facing down. Simply firm the soil around and over the clump, water well, and you're done. It doesn't get easier than that.

These unique Cactus Dahlias carry blooms very similar to cactus flowers - fully double, with tubular petals that are pointed, giving a starburst appearance. This group includes some spectacular color combinations!

If you didn't plant your own Dahlias earlier this year, not to fear!  We have a lovely selection of bright and blooming potted Dahlias that will brighten your summer table.

The flowers of these Ball Dahlias are rounded like, well, a ball. They resemble some larger double zinnias, but with richer colors. Loaded with petals, these flowers re mid-sized on plants up to 48".