Lawn in Fall

As the heat of summer gives way to the cooler, crisper days of fall, now is the time to switch your gardening focus from watering and dead heading to preparing your yard for fall and winter.  Whether you are reseeding, fertilizing or redoing your lawn, fall is the best time of the year.  Your lawn will respond better to all your efforts, especially in the months of September and October.

Here are some simple steps from our to ensure your lawn has a great fall.

1.  It's time to seed.

Summer has raised the soil temperature, and now frequent rain helps seeds germinate quickly, reducing competition from weeds.

2.  Don't Forget to Fertilize

Once in early September, and once in mid-November to improve the root system in your lawn.

3.  Air it Out

This has several benefits such as taking compaction out of the soil, helping the fertilizer reach the roots, and allowing microbes to decompose harmful thatch.

4.  Get it under Control

Broadleaf weeds like cover and dandelions are preparing themselves for winter. If you don't take care of them in the fall, they'll come back stronger than ever come spring.

5.  Mow it

As the weather cools down, lower the height of your mower to encourage rhizome development in the turf

6.  Over Seed it

If your lawn has thinned out over the summer, you can fix those in the fall with over seeding.

Lawns can be a source of pride, a comfortable place to walk barefoot, or a play area for both kids and dogs.  Keeps yours in tip top shape, with these easy recommendations.