Heuchera 'Cajun Fire'

Ahhh fall. We just love reaching for that favorite sweater and taking a walk to explore everything autumn has to offer.  With the landscape changing there are many trees, shrubs and perennials that are well worth keeping an eye out for. And fall is a great time to plant these in your own landscape.

Burning Bush

Burning Bush

Gardeners who want a burst of brilliant red foliage in fall will want to incorporate Burning Bush into their landscape. Care of Burning Bush is minimal, which makes the plant an excellent choice for novice gardeners.

Burning Bush is characterized by the arching stems which are decorated with clusters of finely pointed leaves that droop appealing from each brand.  The plant is also called the Winged Euonymus because of the wing-like ridges that rise as young Burning Bush grow, which disappear after the stems mature.

  • Tiny flowers in May to June, that turn into tiny dangling red berries
  • Great choice for small spaces
  • Enjoys full sun to partial sun locations
  • Brilliant red foliage in fall
  • Care is minimal, only occasional pruning is required to remove broken branches

It's best to place this shrub in your landscape with excellent drainage but lightly moist soil. Very little care is required for this plant; it is versatile and hardy.

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maple

Few plants can equal the beauty and command of a Japanese Maple in the autumn. Many varieties of Japanese Maples are dwarf and can be grown in containers.  Inherently an elegant tree, they often find themselves paired with perennials.

  • Great for most gardens that want year round interest
  • Excellent color in spring, summer and fall
  • Good choice for landscape or in a container garden
  • Comes in both a weeping or upright form

These trees are quite drought-tolerant when mature, but like most young trees, they need regular deep waterings during the first few years.  Whether your tree is young or mature, it will grow best in soil kept consistently moist by regular watering and mulching. A 3 inch layer of shredded bark around the entire root zone of the tree works well.

To encourage the most spectacular color show in fall, reduce the amount of water you give your Maple in late summer and early autumn.  Cut back so that it stops producing more green leaves and begins its fabulous color transformation.  You will be amazed at the different reduced watering will make.


Heuchera 'Lime'

Heucheras make a great companion plant for underneath that beautiful Japanese Maple. Heucheras come in a multitude of colors and make excellent evergreen plants for the sun to afternoon shade areas of your garden. Their open panicles of small, bell shaped flowers appear on spikes and deliver a subtle second level of interest and form in late spring and early summer.

  • Grow in fertile, well-drained soil in sun or afternoon shade
  • Great for borders, woodland gardens, edging and in containers
  • Thrives in dry shade once established
  • Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds
  • If planted in sun, keep the soil moist
  • Maintenance is minimal, you can trim off old foliage at the crown

Two of our favorite Heuchera varieties are Heuchera 'Cajun Fire' and 'Lime'

Heuchera 'Cajun Fire'

The amazing maroon foliage in the fall changes to red in the spring and almost black in the summer. Its drought tolerance and good disease resistance makes this Heuchera an Al's favorite!

Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade'

This Heuchera stands out for its unique chartreuse foliage. Its vigorous foliage stands out on grey autumn days, making it a great landscape choice for the Pacific Northwest.