beautyberry bush

This deciduous shrub is noted for its brightly colored, tightly clustered berries that remain on the bush into winter - making it a great choice for four-season gardens.

a beautyberry bush in the winterThe Beautyberry bush really adds a pop of color - especially in the winter!

Plant them in a natural woodland setting under tall shade trees or as an informal hedge along the perimeter of a property. Beautyberries have small, lavender-pink, lilac-like flowers in spring, followed by their vivid purple berries in fall. The berries attract birds, as well as provide winter color for your landscape.

Select a site with light shade and very well-drained soil. Generally, Beautyberry doesn't need pruning; the shrub has an open form, and branches naturally hang down when weighted with berries. And as a bonus, Beautyberry has very few pest problems!

Al's has a nice selection of Beautyberry right now, so pick some up for your landscape today. Remember: fall is a great time for planting!