Bougenvilla shrub

Now is the time to bring in all those tender plants that will not likely survive our winter temperatures.

Since healthy plants have a better chance of over-wintering, inspect plants before bringing them inside.

  • Look for insects and disease, and treat accordingly
  • Many tender plants need a dormant time without light or water
  • Dig tuber, rhizomes, and bulbs after their foliage has died to the ground
  • Inspect some leaf drop as your plant acclimates to indoor conditions
  • Do not fertilize until late February, when the days start to lengthen

Now is also the best time to spray fruit trees.

Bonide Copper FungicideYou can find ready-to-use Copper Fungicide at All Al's locations

As soon as all the leaves have fallen off, spray with Copper Fungicide, which helps control any bacterial blights, leaf curl and other fungal diseases. A little later in winter, when the tree is dormant - around Superbowl Sunday - spray again with Copper Fungicide. Remember to spray both the tree and ground thoroughly.

A little preparation now will ensure that your plants come back strong and healthy in the spring. If you are in doubt of exactly what to do for your yard, please ask an Al's Expert the next time you stop by Al's!