You may have to go back a ways to see temperatures as cold as the ones in our current long-range forecast. So while we may have a nice Christmas break, now is the time to prepare for much colder temperatures.

With things being so dry, watering is actually your first order of defense. It may seem counter intuitive, but a healthy, well-watered plant does far better than ones that are in need of hydration.

  • Water all in-ground landscape, prior to freezing temperatures, to ensure all trees & shrubs have plenty of water.
  • Mulch around all trees and shrubs to ensure water is retained.
  • Move containers and hanging baskets closer to the house or structure to guard against wind.
  • Water all containers thoroughly.
  • Prune off any branches that are susceptible to wind.

A little preparation now will ensure that your plants come back strong and healthy in the spring. If you are in doubt of exactly what to do for your yard, please ask an Al's Expert the next time you stop by Al's!