A healthy apple tree

Keep a look out for those sun breaks during these last weeks of winter so you can seize an opportunity to properly take care of your fruit trees. Applying a dormant spray during the winter months helps control bacterial blight and fungal diseases before they can even start to take hold. So if you want to be enjoying disease-free fruit later this summer, you'll need to do a little preventative maintenance now.

Winter Care

Any time now through Super Bowl Sunday is the time to spray your fruit trees with Copper Fungicide and Horticultural Oil.  The important things to keep in mind when choosing a time to spray is the weather conditions.  It is important to apply on a calm, sunny day: no rain or wind. You will also want to make sure the outside temperature is above 40° F.

Copper Fungicide helps control bacterial blight, leaf curl, and other fungal diseases. You'll need to spray the ground and tree thoroughly.

Horticultural Oil kills overwintering insects and certain disease spores on dormant trees.

It may be tempting to combine the Copper Fungicide and Horticultural Oils into a singular brew, but this is to be avoided. It is best NOT to mix these sprays, and apply them separately.