There are so many ways to use roses in your garden and landscape, as they really are great problem solvers. You may need a little privacy, or just a spot of color – roses can do that! You may have a small space and need to “go vertical” – roses can do that! If you need to cover up that ugly utility box – roses can do that!

Westerland roseGiven enough support, this climbing 'Westerland' Rose can reach up to 12'

Need a Little Privacy?

What could be more beautiful than an entire hedge comprised of rose bushes? While there are may be other, more traditional options, why wouldn’t you want something with beautiful blooms that smell delightful as well? Grandiflora roses have a taller growth habit great for creating privacy naturally.

Want a focal point the neighbors will be talking about?

midas touch rose'Midas Touch' Hybrid Tea rose to adds a bright bit of yellow-gold color.

Have a trellis or pergola that could use a colorful focal point? While other vining solutions exist, the gentle stretch of a properly pruned climbing rose will ensure a focal point or accent unlike any other. Another gorgeous option for creating privacy, as well.

Need some nature indoors?

What’s better than a big, beautiful arrangement of fresh roses! With hybrid tea roses you can choose floribunda or grandiflora varieties that produce blooms perfect for displaying indoors. We love to mix many different varieties to truly appreciate their similarities and unique differences. And oh, that intoxicating smell just cannot be duplicated.

Princess Alexandra of Kent David Austin roseThis 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' David Austin rose will surely turn heads with its dense blooms and bright colors

Want big blocks of color to fill a large space?

If you have a larger space, the sight of a drift of rose bushes on a hillside or burm, can truly take your breath away. The simplicity of using a single color actually results in creating a dramatic impact. David Austin roses are especially good for achieving this effect.

Considering something different for your containers?

While you might not think about using rose bushes in containers, they make for a great “thriller” in any large pot. Surrounding them with annuals and other perennials can round out your container design, and work to provide varying textures. In large containers, tree roses make a stunning statement with their tree-like forms and long-lasting blooms.