With their wide array of colors, pansies and violas are an easy way to add spring hues to your yard and garden. They have a long blooming time, so you will enjoy them all spring long. Line walkways, or use them in your early spring containers. Their abundant blooms will really make your containers sing!

Besides simply color, pansies come in different habits as well, making them a versatile solution to gardening needs. Trailing varieties cascade downward, making them ideal for spilling over the edge of containers. Upright varieties are great for filling in empty spaces in your containers, garden, and any other spot that is crying out for color.

Loved for its hardiness, the pansy is actually anything but fragile.  Found frozen in ice or covered with snow, the pansy is able to survive the unpredictability of our early spring weather, and stay strong until the weather gets warm.

Once used for secret courting, the pansy or viola was used to communicate amorous thoughts.  Wrapped in a bunch of fresh herbs, in a doily, this small pansy bouquet would be used to express thought of someone thinking of you or missing you.