Take a deep breath and imagine what it would be like to have your ideal outdoor area, and then consider how you can make that dream come true. Early spring is a great time to focus on creating a yard that has both form and function while not loosing sight of design and color. Consider the look, the elements, the colors - and then edit!

Aragon Collection Chair in a doorwayAragon Collection


What if you had multiple areas? A deck outside your bedroom, or a deck off your dining area? Maybe even consider an area pushed farther away from the house, in a more secluded setting? Each of these areas can be enhanced to create a special experience and is well worth the effort. Small spaces have vast potential, and with a little forethought, you will be able to fit more than you imagine - with enhanced functionality!

Ellington Collection furniture around a fire pitEllington Collection


Consider the elements that attract you. Your style is reflected in every aspect of your life. So whether it is traditional, transitional, or that modern eclectic edgy look, take the time to consider your personal style. The use of new and mixed materials are bringing some unique twists in design that will help you define your look.

Capetown CollectionCapetown Collection


The art of color can be challenging yet rewarding. Whether your space is small or grand, consider how you feel when you look at certain colors. Do you want bright energizing colors, or muted relaxing hues? From bright playful shades to cheer up your spaces, to deep, soothing tones that evoke the calming feel of nature, color has a big impact on the overall feel of your outdoor space. After selecting your primary color, introduce that unexpected color accent to give your deck that extra aesthetic punch!

Concord Collection with a pop of red pillowsConcord Collection


Take in all of these possibilities. Today, less is more, so you need to be selective about every item that is added to your outdoor living space. Take inspiration from a single element that renews your spirit and gives you peace.

Elegant Aragon Collection with blue pillowsAragon Collection