pink and purple spring flowers blooming in front of a blue sky

Spring is finally here, and the days are starting to warm up. It's the perfect time to get out of the house and into your garden. There is plenty to do, and a little preparatory work now can insure gardening success in the months ahead.

a can of Sluggo Plus

The Power of Observation

We like to say that simple observation is one of the most important gardening skills. Start scouting for pests and disease symptoms in your yard now, because early intervention - with the least toxic remedy - is always the best solution for gardening problems. And for an ounce of prevention, spread some slug control like Sluggo, or Sluggo Plus, so that all of those new starts don't become lunch for hungry gastropods.

Caring for your Landscape

Now is the time to fertilize your trees, shrubs, and perennials. Al's recommends Espoma Tree-tone, Holly-tone, or Flower-tone. Fertilizing gives your plants' new spring growth a little extra help, so they'll have all the nutrients needed to create that beautiful new foliage. Look for, and remove weeds that may have found a home, and use at least one weed prevention tactic such as mulch or Espoma Organic Weed Preventer. Fewer weeds in your garden means more soil and nutrients for the roots of the plants that you actually want.

yellow and pink dahlias in full bloom

Bulbs & Perennials

Planting summer bulbs like Dahlias and Lilies is the perfect way to celebrate the start of the season and play in the dirt. March is also the ideal time for dividing your dormant perennials, and really the last chance you have to move any plants to a new location in your yard. If that Azalea shrub is in the wrong place, get 'er moved to a better spot now.

close-up of light purple azalea blooms

Some Like It Green

"Mow, fertilize, lime, and reseed!", is the rallying cry for those that want a lush, thick green carpet of lawn this summer. Now is the time to treat for European Crane Fly with Bayer Grub Control, and apply a pre-emergent such as Scotts Turfbuilder Weed & Feed to control broadleaf weeds. You'll want to use Use Moss Out! For Lawns to keep, you guessed it, moss out of your lawn. With a few simple steps, you'll have your lawn PGA-ready! Or at least ready for a rousing game of croquet.

a lawn mower on a lawn with a spray bottle of Moss Out!