white Clematis blooms

Whether you pronounce it Cle-MA-tis or CLE-matis, our Grown by Al's clematis are growing strong at our Farm in Hubbard, and available at Al's.  They are perfect for encouraging up your trellis, along the fence, or over arbors.  Some clematis have double blooms, and some have two bloom periods in a single year.  They are easy to care for, and very low maintenance.  We love clematis at Al's, no matter how you say it.  Here are some of our favorites.

If you prefer pink, then we have a number of varieties that will have you "Pretty in Pink".

Pink Champagne Clematis

'Pink Champaign'

Festive 6" - 8" deep pink flowers with white bars.  This abundant bloomer shines in mid summer.

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 6' - 8' 
  • Hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms in mid summer 
Nelly Moser Clamatis

'Nelly Moser'

Showy pink blooms with dark pink ribbons and red center!  This beauty blooms in late spring and again in late summer.

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 6' - 10' 
  • hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms twice, once in spring, once in late summer

If deep red is your passion, then the following clematis are for you!


Dark red velvety flowers with yellow anthers, that blooms from late spring to late summer.  'Niobe' is a great climber that can be used for arbors and fences, but can also be used as a unique ground cover solution.

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 8' - 12' 
  • Hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms from late spring to late summer
Kathleen Dunford Clematis

'Kathleen Dunford'

Rosy pink, double flowers bloom on old wood at first, and then changes to Mauve, pinkish-blue single flowers once it matures.

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 6' - 8' 
  • Hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms in late spring to summer, and even into early fall

The traditional and not so traditional purple varieties will amaze you.

'The President'

Rich purple-blue, slightly cupped shaped flowers. With two bloom periods, who wouldn't consider this presidential!

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 8' - 10' feet
  • Hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms from May - June, and then again from September - October
The Vagabond Clematis

'The Vagabond'

Big, deep purple flowers that are 5" - 7" across, comes with a crimson center rib.  It's shorter stature makes it perfect for smaller yards and gardens.

  • Sun to PM shade
  • 4' - 6' 
  • More compact habit makes them ideal for planting in containers
  • Hardy to -30 degrees F
  • Blooms from May to October!