garden centers

We know, we know, gardening is a great way to disconnect and be in nature. It seems almost contradictory to have garden centers touting applications versus telling you to leave the phone indoors, on silent. Hear us out, your yard garden and general relationship with greenery stands to improve with the help of a little technological boosting.

About 117.6 million Americans did some sort of gardening throughout the year in 2017. Local garden centers and garden stores are getting an influx of people interested in growing things. We're excited about this and, while encouraging people to be outside, we're fans of a few apps that are bound to help your home garden center its chi. You'll benefit from learning, too.

How many times have you been outside and see a tree, wishing you could identify it? Lacking the skills of a professional environmental conservationist and the cheat-sheets garden centers provide, this app is the help you need. Take a picture of a leaf against a white background and Leafsnap will help you identify the tree with its database. Take that, forestry!

Who would've thought Augmented Reality (AR) would be a part of the gardening universe? Welcome to the future, gardeners. If you're not sure what to feature in your gardening/landscaping project, point the iScape app at your house and plan it out. It'll display whatever you want, fantasy or reality, on a digital model of your home. A visual, digital plan before you plant type thing.

Perennial Match
Beginners like to go to garden centers, get a bunch of seeds, and sow them wildly. Expecting everything to grow in harmony together is a rookie mistake. A mistake the Perennial Match app can help you avoid. It allows you to punch in details like your local climate, sunlight, plants you have, soil type, etc. Then it puts together a listing of plants that'll thrive together and those that won't. This way you can see how your garden will live its best life, before touching spade to soil.

The sun is high and hot. Get out there and start planting and growing. With these apps by your side, you'll be knowledgeable and well-prepared enough to go into future seasons without needing your phone. Visit your local portland plant nursery today and get started.