A planted ceramic pot sits among a collection of fall plants

With kids now headed back to school, it's time to formally usher in fall.  While pumpkins haven't arrived just yet, there is plenty of fall color and texture to explore and enjoy in your garden now. We love using our Fall Collection in container gardens, which makes it easy to beautify your porch or patio.

The use of container gardens goes far beyond just placing them next to your front door. Have you ever added a container garden directly to your landscape? Try using container gardens under a tree or in a place that is difficult to plant and be successful. The container gives you height and structure, and can add a pop of color depending on the container you use.

a blue pot planted with fall plantsThe simple combination of Autumn Fern, Heuchera, Japanese Grass, and False Holly add texture and color
These mixed planters were grown at The Farm in Hubbard, and are ready for autumn!

The simple combination of Autumn Fern, 'Forever Purple' Heuchera, Japanese Forest Grass and Japanese Holly Fern add tons of texture, which is really what you're after this time of year.  It's by combining texture that Fall Containers achieve their grandeur. Whether you plant it yourself, or use a Mixed Planter created from our Farm in Hubbard, you'll delight in the fresh combinations of autumn color. So, if your summer hanging baskets are a bit past their prime, welcome fall with Al's Fall Collection and our Mixed Planters. They are pleasing combinations that can be made from just a few select 4" plants, and when the time comes toss a small pumpkin or gourd in to transition to Halloween and Thanksgiving.