As summer draws to a close, the leaves will begin to turn and the summer heat will give way to milder temperatures. Pumpkins will adorn porches, while adults and children alike will gleefully disturb backyards with mountainous piles of leaves.

The season for autumn decor -- arguably the best season to decorate -- is upon us. Garden centers and savvy gardening stores will be filling their stock with tempting, beautiful autumn accouterments. American gardeners reported spending in excess of $47.8 billion in lawn and garden expenses. You should support local garden centers, but if you want to curb that expense a little, autumn provides much of the needed supplies for DIY seasonal decor. And, they're right outside your door.


Duh. They're everywhere. While a nuisance in some places, using them decoratively is a way to be productive with them. One good use for leaves is pumpkin beds. Instead of placing your pumpkins on the cold, hard ground, give them a place to be cozy. Fill pumpkin sized baskets with a soft bed of autumn leaves to nestle in and your Jack-O-Lanterns will internally smile even with the most hauntingly carved faces.



Build your own wreath? You bet. We know that wreaths are seasonally ubiquitous, but making them yourself adds an element that most people don't have. Apart from very few craft store supplies, you can make wreaths from fallen sticks in your yard. Gather your homegrown natural supplies and make it a family craft or even autumn gifts for family and friends. 


Fallen branches are great foundations for seasonal centerpieces. When larger branches fall, try cutting a piece from the thicker end of the branch. The length is your call, but smaller cuts can make for several centerpieces. Once the pieces are cut, grab the hot glue gun. From leaves to fallen tree nuts to field brush fading golden brown, glue whatever you feel like and you've just built your own centerpiece.

The height of the gardening season might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean your home should become as bare as the winter months. Warm up your hearth and home this autumn with some fall decor. If you're falling short on ideas, Pinterest has about a million. Take a peek and do something with a little twist of you