field of colorful tulips

Bulbs are one of the easiest flowers to grow, and they produce big results with very little effort.  With just a little forethought now, you'll have spring color to boast about.

Espoma Bone Meal and Bulb planterEspoma Bone Meal and a hand bulb planter can help you achieve bulb success!

Think "Dig. Drop. Done." when it comes to bulbs.  Literally, all you really have to do is dig a hole, drop the bulb in, and cover with soil and water in.  Add some Espoma Bone Meal to increase your odds of success, and you'll be glad you did.  While it's ideal to plant the bulb with the rooted end down -- it actually doesn't matter.  The bulb has everything it needs to figure out which end is up!

One way to get the most out of your containers and mixed planters, is to actually add a layer of bulbs to the bottom.  Then when your annuals die back, your bulbs will sprout up next.  Layer different kinds of bulbs based on their height and bloom period, and you can have a container of bulbs that shows off continually.

chart of blooming times for bulbsFrom the Netherland Bulb Company


 Additionally, bulbs are wonderful first introduction to gardening for many kids. If you have young kids that want to learn more about bulbs, join us for Kids Bulb Day