two Bigej children harvesting gourds

It's a fall tradition! 4th generation Bigejs are hard at work harvesting gourds and indian corn from the fields of The Farm is Hubbard. In doing so, they continue the growing legacy set out by both their Great Grandfather Al, and their Grandfather Jack.

All of that hard work hardly goes unrewarded, as the proceeds from our gourd sales help to fund their college educations. And while it's probably a little too early to know exactly what they will be when they are all grown up, the key life lessons like the value of hard work, and working together as a team, are being instilled now to ensure their future success.

Along with the gourds and Indian corn, Al's offers straw bales, cornstalks and mums to complete your porch decorations.  When it comes to pumpkins however, our $1.99 EACH is pretty hard to beat.  We grow 45,000 standard orange pumpkins to supply our 4 retail stores.  Some of them come with just a bit of farm dirt still left on, but you can easily wash that off at one of our new Pumpkin Washing Stations!