Here at Al's, we're known for our beautiful hanging baskets, especially in the springtime around Mother's Day. As the winter weather sets in and the abundant spring and summer blooms have faded, we wondered what else we could create to fill that hanging spot in your outdoor entryway. Create a great holiday look with our Fir Balls!

Dee Bigej with one of her lovely creations

What started as an Oregon Association of Nurseries Retail Chapter seminar 21 years ago, has turned in to a lovely addition to our Christmas offering. It initially took a year or so to figure out the root ball structure required to support the greens use in our Fir Balls, but once we had that perfected -- it was off to the races!

Dee Bigej leads the design team for Al's at The Farm in Hubbard. She is a master at mixing ribbon, ornaments, and other embellishments in the most pleasing ways. With large ribbon, outdoor ornaments, pine cones and florist picks she assembles these beauties just for our customers. 

Dee with her granddaughters Sam & Annie - The 4th Generation are helping to carry on this Christmas tradition

You can also try your hand at Fir Ball design, by purchasing just the base of greens and decorating with your own personal style. We carry the undecorated Fir Balls, alongside a festive selection of ribbons, ornaments, picks and pine cones so you can create your perfect Fir Ball.

Whether you pick up a pre-decorated Fir Ball, or decorate your own, you'll love having one on either side of your front door to welcome all your holiday guests. These Fir Balls are a unique addition to your holiday decor.