green thumb

The holidays will be here before you know it, but it's not too late to get the perfect present for the resident gardener in your life. As of 2017, nearly 117.6 million Americans gardened over the last year. Anyone who has a green thumb will love any of the ideas in this gift guide -- and you might even want to pick up one of these gifts for yourself, too.

  1. A new watering can: If your favorite gardening fiend has been using the same worn-out watering can for the last few seasons, it's time they got an upgrade. There are breathtaking watering cans made out of copper and zinc-clad iron that can put their old plastic one to shame. It's an indulgence they might not purchase for themselves, but rest assured that they'll be thrilled upon opening your thoughtful gift.

  2. A birdhouse or toad house: Of course, gardeners want to encourage helpful wildlife all around. This can reduce the need for harmful chemicals and ensure that local species continue to thrive. A high-quality birdhouse or an adorable toad house can add to their garden's aesthetic quality while enticing both avian and amphibian friends to take refuge and keep insect populations in check. A bird bath or an insect house can also make environmentally friendly presents that anyone with a green thumb will appreciate.

  3. Indoor plants and succulents: If you live in an area that is prone to harsh winters, it's likely that those with green thumbs will be forced to twiddle theirs and wait for spring. But you can satisfy their need for growing things by giving them a beautiful indoor plant, an inside herb garden, or some sweet succulents to tend to until the ice thaws. These plants tend to be hardier than others, which makes them appealing for those with limited outdoor space or less experience with gardening.

  4. New gardening tools: If your friend is an avid gardener, their hand tools may have seen better days. A new pruner, spade, and fork set will be much appreciated. Alternatively, you could get them a new tool belt or gardening caddy to use if their tools are in good shape but they could use an easier way to carry everything around the yard.

  5. A garden store gift card: There's nothing that will excite a gardener more than the premise of getting to spend money at their favorite garden store. It's an excuse to get everything they need for the upcoming season and to make plans for their landscaping in the new year. This also allows them to choose their own plants or tools, which can be helpful for those who feel less confident in their knowledge of gardening.

If you know your friend or relative loves nothing more than gardening, getting them a nature-themed gift will surely bring a smile to their face (and some beauty to their yard). For more information on how our products can make you the most popular gift-giver this season, contact us today.