This time of year when you can catch a sunny dry day, it's great to know exactly what to focus on when the weather is acting in your favor.  With sunny days a little few and far between right now, getting out in the garden on those milder days can help you make it to spring.

Time to Add Some Color

Our primroses are in!  There is no simpler way to add color this time of year than popping in a few primroses here and there.  Whether it's in ground, or in a container, a little bright spot of color goes a long way.

An array of colorful primroses

Time to Spray

Now is an especially good time to spray your trees, and fruit trees.  A little preventative maintenance now assures that you'll have a healthier tree come spring, and the potential of a better yield come harvest.

Growing Guide: Fruit Tree Spraying Made Simple

looking between rows of apple trees in an orchard

Time to Clean Up

There's usually always something that needs cleaning up in my garden, especially this time of year.  Perhaps you've got some tree limbs down, due to the recent winds.  Now is the time to remove all dead material that you're not purposefully composting.

an old rake raking up fallen branches