Fruit tree with blight

Spraying your plants and trees might sound intimidating, or like something you just don't want to do. Perhaps you don't think it has any real advantage, or you are worried about nasty chemicals. Well fear not! A simple application of Liqui-Cop® is not only easy, but a naturally great way to prevent several different diseases on your plants.

We often get the question: When should I spray my fruit trees? There are three times a year that are perfect for taking care of your fruit trees. First, is after your tree looses it's leaves in the fall. Second, around the first of the year and third a good marker is Super Bowl Sunday or around that time. You want to spray them before they get buds on their branches and on nice clear, dry days in the winter... I know hard to do but that allows for the sprays to really work their magic. 

Copper is a natural occurring element and does a great job of helping our plants prevent many ailments and diseases that are common in our area due to our typically cloudy and wet winter and spring, such as:

  • Blackspot, blight and mildew on fruit trees
  • Blackspot and mildew on roses
  • Dieback on Japanese Maple trees
  • Mildew on several plants
  • Blight on your Lilacs
  • Moss and lichens (that ugly green moss-looking stuff!) on all of your deciduous trees and shrub

Because copper is a natural occurring element, Liqui-Cop® can be used in Organic Gardening, so there is no need to worry about spraying toxic chemicals around your yard.

Spraying Liqui-Cop® is easy! This product comes in a ready to use bottle. If you only have a few small plants to protect, you can mix it with water in a pump sprayer. If you have more plants you want to protect, it can easily be sprayed by using a small sprayer put on the end of your garden hose.

a bottle of Turbo Spreader concentrate

The best time to spray Liqui-Cop® is during a nice dry day in the winter when the wind is not blowing. Copper works best if you can coat all of the branches of a plant and allow the spray to dry on the plant -- encapsulating the plant for best protection.  With our weather, we always recommend using Turbo Spreader Sticker which can be added to the Copper and helps the Copper stick on to your plant's branches and leaves during our rainier times. When spraying, simply direct the spray at the plant's branches, moving in different directions to try and reach all the branches' surfaces.  It's that easy!

Of course, always read the label and mix according to the direction on the bottle. Although Liqui-Cop® can be sprayed on almost any plant, be sure to double check that the plants you are spraying are listed on the manufacturers label. Happy spraying!