yard garden

The right outdoor space could make or break the comfort of your entire home. From the plants and succulents in your backyard garden to the quality of your deck, there are a lot of elements to consider when you start preparing your home for spring.

This year, Al's Garden Center's "Escape To Spring" sale is offering 30% off of and 30% down on patio furniture. On average, American gardeners report spending $47.8 billion on lawn and garden retail expenses. Save yourself these expenses by taking advantage of our upcoming sale and learn how to perfectly arrange spring patio furniture with these helpful tips.

Create An Array Of Spaces

You can enhance the functionality of your outdoor space by creating multiple areas with different purposes. First, picture your home's outdoor areas. Next, think about what you want out of your ideal outdoor space. This could be a backyard dining room, a play space for the kids, a relaxing retreat, or anything in between.

With these two things in mind, start thinking about where in your yard you can fit each area. Consider placing your relaxing retreat on a small deck off of your bedroom, for better privacy and convenience. The kids' area could be pushed further into the backyard for optimal play area, but could also include some quality patio chairs or couches so that you can keep an eye on them. By giving it some forethought, you can utilize the potential of every part of your backyard while keeping it stylish.

Think About Your Color Story

Patio furniture isn't limited to just natural tones of wood or flashy metals. There are colorful options for nearly any piece of patio furniture that can give your backyard garden the style you want. Whether that style is modern, whimsical, bohemian, or anything else your heart desires, there is plenty of colorful furniture to match.

While many colors may be available to you, be wary of overdoing it. Bold colors can quickly go from fun to frightening. Pick three main colors for your patio design's color story and keep one or two of these colors in a more neutral palette. Go bold with the remaining one or two colors for the furniture cushions and other accent pieces for a stylish, fun look.

If you're looking to revamp your yard garden with high-quality and affordable patio furniture, take part in Al's Garden Center's "Escape To Spring" sale between February 14 and 25. We're dedicated to getting you the materials you need to design the outdoor space of your dreams.